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Yarn tourism: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Posted by yarnberry on May 29, 2007

My husband and I are planning on taking a trip to the Maritimes this summer to visit family. It looks like a perfect opportunity for a little yarn tourism — there are some fantastic farms, mills, and shops in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The well-known Fleece Artist / Handmaiden Yarns are in Nova Scotia, but it doesn’t look like you can drop by.

I’ve compiled a list below of the sites that look interesting to me. Top on my to-visit list is Baadeck Yarns and Lismore Sheep Farm, I think. I can’t choose a short list! Guess I had better save my pennies until August. And try to convince my husband of the joys of yarn shopping…

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

  • Cotton Craft Fine Woolens in St. Andrews
    • Sweater kits and Briggs & Little yarn in exclusive colours.
  • London-Wul in Lakeburn
    • A spinning museum, studio, dye garden, and shop.
  • Briggs & Little Woollen Mills in York Mills
    • Canada’s oldest woollen mill, with factory tours and shop. They don’t use the carbonizing process (acid bath) for removing straw/debris from the yarn.

3 Responses to “Yarn tourism: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick”

  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  2. Amanda said

    Thanks for this post! I’m going to Nova Scotia in a couple weeks and can’t wait to hit up some of these places!

  3. Catherine said

    There are 3 Cricket Cove yarn shops in New Brunswick – Blacks Harbour(the largest shop),Saint John and Moncton.
    Cricket Cove carries a wide selection of commercial yarns as well as rare and exotic fibres, luxury yarns, locally produced yarns and handknit product by New Brunswick knitters. Fun shops to visit.

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