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More Sock knitting vs. Thesis

Posted by yarnberry on June 8, 2007

I deposited my thesis Monday morning, in preparation for my defense on the 18th. Tuesday night I discovered that I had messed up my sock knitting. I had managed to knit a pointy-heeled sock. Observe (you may want to compare to some lovely round-heeled socks knit by someone who read the pattern correctly):

This is not a reassuring thing to discover the day after handing in your thesis. If I could get all that way down the foot without realizing my heel was completely wrong, might I have done the same thing with my Conclusions section, for example? (I hope not!) Let’s hope the lesson is Don’t try to knit something complicated when your mind is on Fisher’s Exact Test. (And please, cross your fingers that my thesis doesn’t contain any inappropriately pointy heels.) I’ve resigned myself to ripping back the sock and starting again.

So, to cheer myself up, I spent Wednesday weaving

and then hand-felting a project I’ve been planning for a while.

Sink felting was much easier than I expected. I put on some rubber gloves and kneaded the fabric in very hot water and dish-washing liquid for about 20 minutes. This project is going to be a small purse with some ribbon embroidery in matching colours. Now I need to get some purse handles and do the assembly… maybe having a great purse to carry to my thesis defense would inspire more confidence.


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