Fruit of the twine

Marvelous Mittens

These mittens are custom sized to your hand as you go along, so that you will have a perfectly fitted mitten. A little embellishment is added, so you can use up that bit of gorgeous yarn you’ve been saving. [Note: This pattern is still being refined.]

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Notes: The mitten is crocheted in four pieces, however they are attached by crocheting the pieces together, not with sewing. The pattern starts at the palm and works up to the fingertips, then works back down towards the wrist. The pattern has spaces for you to write in the number of stitches as you work them out, so that you can easily make the second mitten identical to the first. I have also included the number of stitches used to make my sample mittens, which are a women’s size small.



  • 2 skeins worsted weight knitting yarns (200 yards), one variegated, one in a complimentary colour
  • about 8′ of a “fun” yarn, either chunky weight, or a lighter weight crocheted with two strands together
  • size H (5mm) crochet hook
  • size K (6.5mm) crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch marker (or use yarn tails to make the beginning of the row)

Finished size: Varies (4″ wide across the palm, 9.5″ long)

Gauge swatch:
14 stitches by 13 rows of seed stitch is 3.5″ by 3″ ( gauge is only important if you use the number of stitches from my sample.)

Stitch guide:

  • ch: Chain
  • sl st: Slip stitch
  • dc: Double crochet
  • hdc: Half double crochet
  • seed stitch: For each row of seed stitch, ch 3, sk first st, *sc in next st, ch 1, sk stitch* repeat from * across to end of row


Mitten body

Using H hook and worsted weight yarn:

  • Make a chain long enough to go loosely around the widest part of your palm, plus 5 ch. Round up to an odd number. (Number of chains is A)
  • Sl st into first ch to make a large ring.
  • Row 1: Ch 2 and turn.
  • Sc into 4th ch from hook.
  • Seed stitch around until you get back to where you started, ending with a sc.
  • Sl st into ch-2 space of beginning of round.
  • Slip loop onto your hand to check the fit. It should fit comfortably around your palm.
  • Row 2 to B: Ch 1, sc in next ch-1 space. Seed stitch around.
  • When you get back to the join, sc into the ch-1 space where it goes up a level, ch 1, then sc into the next ch-1 space. Continue to seed stitch around, ignoring where the rows overlap, until piece reaches from just above thumb to the first joint of your middle finger. (Numbers of rows is B)
  • Row 1 to C: At this point, you can either continue on, or change to a contrasting colour.
  • Continue seed stitch until fabric measures up to top joint of the middle finger (Numbers of rows is C)
  • Row C+1: Sc in each ch-1 space around
  • Sc, sk next stitch, sc until circle is as small as you can make it.
  • Tie off, leaving an 8 in tail. Using tapestry needle, weave through stitches around the opening, and then pull tight and tie closed.
  • Weave in ends.
  • Turn inside out.
Stitch count Yours Sample
Chains around palm A: ____ 35
Rows from start to first joint of middle finger B: ____ 13
Rows from first joint to top joint of middle finger C: ____ 5


  • Ch 4 and sl st in first ch to form a loop.
  • Ch2, hdc into ring to make a circle (about 7 hdc). Sl st to join to ch-2.
  • Ch 2, sc in first hdc. Ch 1, sc in each hdc..
  • Row 1 to D: Ch 1, sc into ch-2 space from previous round.
  • Continue withseed stitch around.
  • As fabric naturally curves inwards, make sure that circle of stitches formed by the hdc is on the outside.
  • Once piece is long enough to completely cover thumb, tie off. (Number of rows of seed stitch is D).
  • Weave in any ends.
Stitch count Yours Sample
Rows of seed stitch to form thumb D: ____ 11

Lower half of mitten

  • Line up thumb with straight edge of mitt.
  • Sl st to connect mitt and thumb together.
  • Ch 2, sc in next ch-1 sp (with mitten and thumb together).
  • Seed stitch across until thumb is flat against mitten.
  • Then continue to seed stitch around, only into mitten. (Spaces will be formed where seed stitch goes into original ch loop. hese spaces will be used to weave your “fun” yarn.)
  • When you get back around to the thumb, sl st to attach to first sc, ch 2 to start a new row.
  • Continue to seed stitch around until you get to the base of the palm, where the wrist begins. (Number of rows from connecting thumb to mitten, until base of palm is E).
  • Weave in any ends.
Stitch count Yours Sample
Rows of seed stitch from joining thumb to base of palm E: ____ 8


  • Start a chain, about 3 inches long plus 2 ch. Round up to an even number of stitches. (Number of ch is F).
  • Turn. Sc into 3rd ch from the hook, then sc across to end of chs.
  • Ch 2, turn.
  • Row 1 to G: Sk first sc. Seed stitch across
  • Continue seed stitch rows until cuff is long enough to go around your wrist. (Number of rows is G).
  • Join to first row using sl st across.
  • Weave in any ends.
Stitch count Yours Sample
Chains for length of cuff F: ____ 12
Rows of seed stitch around wrist G: ____ 31


  • Keep cuff inside out (so the seam just made is on the outside). S lide cuff over mitt en and line up edges.
  • Join cuff to mitten using sl st across .
  • Tie off .
  • Flip cuff back down .
  • If desired, you can stop here. Otherwise, continue on to add embellishment.
  • Weave in any ends.


Switch to K hook and “fun” yarn. Depending on the yarn are using, you may need to adjust your hook size or crochet with two strands of yarn held together. Sl st into bottom of cuff. Sc around, sl st into first st. Tie off .

A t the point where the thumb is joined to the mitten, there should be gaps around the mitten body, where the seed stitch goes in opposite directions up and down. Work the “fun” yarn into these gaps , by

  • Sl st around one of the st, by in serting hook into a gap and under the st , then pulling yarn through loop on the hook.
  • Loosely sc around each st, by inserting hook under st into empty space, pulling up a loop , on other side, and completely sc B e sure to work the sc loosely so that you won’t tighten up the mitten.

Weave in any remaining ends. Mitten is complete!


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